Say cheese!


あの日、BLUE WORLDさんが撮影してくださった『It's a Hard-Knock Life』のビデオが完成。こちらもみなさんにご披露しちゃいます。
最後にせっかくなので、キャンプ中のように、みんなと覚えたいOne Point English を! "Give yourself a pat on the back" 。この意味は、『よくやったね!』と自分で自分の背中をポンとたたいてほめてあげよう!ということ。
みんな、Give yourself a pat on the back!
Big announcement: The MSTERIO ALBUMS are ready!
We went through over 2000 pictures, picking each and every picture while thinking of you. With so much laughter and joy, this summer was full of happiness at MSTERIO. Whenever you feel sad or lonely, just click through these albums! It will make you feel right back at MSTERIO!
That's not all! Remember the amazing dance performance on the last day? Well, I want to share the special video of the dance performance produced by Blue World, Inc.!
Are you ready for it? Enjoy!!
Seeing all of you dance with such lovely smiles make me happy. I can't believe it only took you 5 days to master this! If we were to do "One Point English" today, I know the perfect phrase.
"Give yourself a pat on the shoulder"!