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 今年で参加4回目、アメリカからキャンパーとして参加してくれたDANIELが 素敵な感想文を送ってくださいました。ありがとう また来年会おうね!

One of our campers Daniel from the States wrote a very nice comment about MSTERIO! Do come back next year.

Hi, my name is Daniel. This is my fourth year at MSTERIO.  I am 14 years old and going towards the 9th grade. So far these past 3 days have been very eventful and fun. Today I participated in. Every year at MSTERIO.  I look forward to new things every day in the camp. Everyone always has a smile because of MSTERIO camp magic.

As a camper, even though I have many years before I can be a counselor I am eager to be a counselor one day. in my group I am the oldest when our counselor is not around I lead the kids and act as, I am also a counselor and it works out very well and the campers in my group don't mind it at all.

I am now home I never had the time to finish the blog. I just came back from Tokyo three days ago, MSTERIO over all was a lot of fun, like last year I performed with the Japanese singer ki-yo, I did a beat box cover with him and also on the last day when the senior's and CITs did drama and we presented our play in the last scene I did a beat box cover and my friend Ritsuki did a pen tap cover at the same time with the last scene which was a bit scary but was very fun in the end.

I had some friends that were graduating to be a counselor this year I've known them for 4 years it was very emotional and exciting to see them finally graduate from camper to counselor. Since that was the last day it was a very emotional day too, It was a very hard goodbye to MSTERIO but we thought to our self that we will come back next year and there will be a lot of new things to look forward to!