Day 3 - July 31st (Mon)



今日もキャンパーのみんなは早起き!なんと5時すぎから活動開始。そこで、今朝からAnthonyがEarly Bird Art Classを始めてくれ、子供達は朝からARTで楽しんだり、Early Bird Cleaning Clubでお掃除したり、朝から活発に活動していました。

今日の英語のフレーズは、The ball is in your court!






そして、今夜のゲストも豪華ゲスト陣による贅沢なパフォーマンス!まずは、HAND SIGNというグループのパフォーマンス。音が聞こえない人々は聞こえている人と違うということではなくて、彼らのコミュニケーションのスタイルとして手話というものがあるだけだということを学びました。


ベッドタイムの前は、まりこさんのおやすみソング。ベッドタイムストーリーを聞いた子供達は、今日1日の楽しいことを夢で見ているかのように、外から聞こえる虫の声に合わせてスヤスヤと眠りました。また、明日もMSTERIO日和になることを願って、Good Night。


What a beautiful day!! Although there have been clouds and a bit of rain over the first two days, today there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. Absolutely perfrect!! Life is good. (^-^)

Because it’s warm and sunny, we all drank lots of Pocari Sweat today. Many thanks to our camp nurses, Meg-san and Lina-san, for keeping us healthy and hydrated!

Today was the first day of Anthony’s (our beloved Art Director’s) Early Bird Art Class. For all our “early bird” campers, Anthony will be holding a voluntary art class from 5:30am-6:15 am every morning! Today was the first day and the class was a big success. Twelve campers helped Anthony make props for the Senior/CIT Drama performance! Thanks, Anthony (^-^)At breakfast, we drank with special "FUZZY" straws, which flavor your milk as you drink. It was also our most successful clean-up so far: as a result of fantastic teamwork by all the campers, we cleaned all of Cafe 101 (the dining hall) in only 4 minutes 24 seconds. We beat that record again in the evening, at 4 minutes 21 seconds for dinner clean up. Needless to say, MSTERIO campers rock!!

Given the beautiful weather, many campers headed outside for morning tennis (taught by Len and Shohei) and swimming (taught by Kousuke) classes. Others went to dance class (taught by Yuki), piano class (taught by Aika-san), and baking class (taught by Yukino). In the afternoon, there was a special art class taught by guest director  Yoton, as well as our magic (taught by Tanji), drama (taught by Michiyo-san), cooking (taught by Takako-san), opera (taught by Akiko-san), music (taught by Aiko), English/French (taught by Thomas), and art (with Anthony). We are very lucky this year to offer so many wonderful classes taught by an incredibly talented, dedicated staff – it allows the campers to experience making choices for themselves, pursue a wide range of interests, and learn with one another!

The big highlight of the day came in the evening – our SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMANCE! We were incredibly lucky today to be visited by the musical group “Hand Sign”, as well as Kiyo, a phenomenal singer who returned to MSTERIO this year for his third consecutive visit. During the evening performance, we also met Yusuke, who travels across Japan encouraging a culture of asking for help.

Yusuke is confined to a wheelchair and, through his experience, realized both the challenges related to and the importance of asking for help in Japan.

The theme of the evening performance was something along the lines of “We Are One”. All of the guests -- through lyrics, dance, words, and stories – emphasized the importance of loving and supporting one another despite our differences. It is, I think, an evening like this that embodies both what is best about MSTERIO and what should give us all hope for the future of our world. Being in Sugoi Hall tonight, with the campers dancing and clapping and cheering all around, you could not help but feel two things.

On the one hand, you could sense the deep impact that these messages of love and inclusion can have on the campers’ lives -- their attitudes, their empathetic sense, their interactions with others. One the other hand, as campers ran curiously up to Yusuke-san to ask about his wheelchair accessories or practiced with Hand Sign the signs for “Arigatou” and “Good night”, you had to appreciate the beautiful way in which young people enthusiastically embrace, without hesitation or the weight of stigma, what we as a larger society still struggle to accept and include.

Tonight, with all the campers finally sound asleep, I’m taking a moment to appreciate anew the power of MSTERIO to make a difference for our kids and, harkening to last year’s theme, the campers’ power to help one another and guide the future of our world!

Day 3 is done. Can’t wait for Day 4!!