8/2 Special Eventの素晴らしいゲストアーチストのみなさん


梅若紀彰/Kisho Umewaka

能楽師/Noh artist

シテ方観世流能楽師。1956年故55世梅若六郎の孫として生まれる。祖父故55世梅若六郎並びに現56世梅若六郎玄祥(人間国宝)に師事。重要無形文化財総合指定保持者、梅永会主宰。古典はもとより新作能にも積極的に取り組み、近年では市川海老蔵や坂本龍一などとコラボレーションを行い、人気を博している。600年の歴史を誇る梅若家において、気品ある舞姿に定評がある。ニューヨーク市政記念、ヨーロッパ日蘭400周年記念等 海外公演多数参加。


Shite-kata(lead actor) Kanze School Noh artist. He was born in 1956 as a grandchild of  Rokuro Umewaka VXV. He had learned Noh from his grandfather, Rokuro Umewaka VXV and Rokuro Gensho aka Rokuro Umewaka VXVI (a living natinal treasure). He is the holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property and a host of Umenagakai. He plays classical Noh as well as modern style Noh and had collaborated with Kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa XI and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto. Umewaka family has 600 years history and their performance is very elegant. He has been performing in abroad for New York City Commemoration, 400th Anniversary of Japan-Nederland Relation and more.


田村麻子/Asako Tamura

Soprano Opera Singer