August 4th (Thu) Backwards Day!

おはようございます、と言いたいところですが、、、今日はミステリオ恒例の逆の日 題して BACKWARDS DAY!!!! だから挨拶は こんばんは から!

今日のOne Point Englishは、、、、GIVE ME A HAND

初めてのキャンパーには馴染みがなくかなり混乱しちゃう日なのですが、朝と夜が逆になる、つまりおはようの挨拶がこんばんはになり 朝食でなく夕食からスタート。

着るものも逆に着たり、パジャマでご飯を食べたり、朝にストーリーテラーがお話を読んだり、いつもワイワイガヤガヤの合言葉は 今日はガヤガヤ ワイワイに変わる日です。


いつもは大人がキャンパーにミステリオコインをプゼントするだけど、逆の日だから キャンパーが大人スタッフにあげるのはどうですか? と。 実はこれ、私からみんなに提案しようかな と思っていただけに、この意見が出た時には涙が出るほど嬉しくなりました。 GIVING BACK ミステリオがとても大切にしていることだから。





クラスが終わったあと、朝食の前にはミステリオの16周年のバースデーのお祝いをSUGOI HALLで行いました。事前にYUKINOさんのベーキングクラスでキャンパーたちが作ってくれたMSTERIOのクッキーとカップケーキに飾り付けをして登場したオシャレなバースデーケーキ。8月6日にバースデーを迎えるキャンパー、年長さんのムッチーとヨシコも一緒に前に出てきて、MARIKOさんのピアノの歌に合わせて大合唱。 それはそれは色とりどりのきれいなケーキでした。逆の日だからこそデザートからエンジョイできた気がします。

今日の朝食は準備はEMILY & NOBBY チーム。片付けも大人は一切せずキャンパーだけでやってもらいました。その間、大人たちは 恒例のミステリオタレントショーの準備。 これは大人たちがほとんど練習する時間がない中で、なんでもいいので一芸を披露し、その審査はキャンパーたちにしてもらうというミステリオならではのスペシャルイベントです。

今年は二人の名司会が素晴らしかった、SHIGE & KEISUKE ありがとう。審査員の中学生SR キャンパーたちもご苦労さま。観客に混じって 応援隊に回ってくれたCITもありがとう。




2)Little Star


4)AKB 87 ミステリオ 2047




8)Ain't No Mountain High Enough




12)ポケモン ワイワイガヤガヤ 優勝は言わずとしれた、、、、12番のカウンセラーたち!!!! 毎年のことながら やっぱりカウンセラーたちはキャンパーに一番人気。

今日も1日 無事に終わりました。 そして最後の挨拶は


Good morning! I mean GOOD EVENING everyone! 


One Point English of the day was “GIVE ME A HAND” It was quite confusing for the beginner campers but today was the day that everything goes backwards, upside down or inside out. 

We started the day saying "good evening" instead of "good morning”, and had dinner instead of breakfast in the morning.

We wore T-shirts backward or inside out, had dinner in the morning with our pajamas, had story teller time in the morning and we changed our common phrase “WAIWAI GAYAGAYA” to “GAYAGAYA WAIWAI”.

During the dinner, one of the camper, who joined MSTERIO first time, had a great idea.

Usually, MSTERIO coins are given by grownups but her idea was to give MSTERIO coins to grownups! To be honest, I had an idea and was about to suggest so that her idea made me cry since the sprit of “GIVING BACK” is very important to MSTERIO.

Since everything was in backwards, morning classes were in the afternoon and afternoon classes were in the morning.

This year, baby tooth of many campers came out! We celebrate whenever it happened this year. We put their tiny tooth into the case and celebrate with beloved “Cha-n cha- cha- cha- cha-n” music. We celebrated two campers today.

The exclusive class of the day was the cooking class by our special guest TAKAKO. We cooked Bulgarian cuisine. 

Between the classes and breakfast, we celebrated 16th Anniversary of MSTERIO at SUGOI HALL. Campers baked MSTERIO cookies and cupcakes at YUKINO’s baking class and the birthday cake was decorated by them.

Campers who had their Birthday on August 6th, Mucchi and Yoshiko who are senior came out to the front and we sing a song with MARIKO’s piano.

The cake was so colorful and pretty. We were able to enjoy this wonderful dessert because it was a backwards day.

The breakfast was prepared by Team EMILY & NOBBY. Campers cleaned up everything without any help from adult. While they were cleaning up, we were preparing for the annual talent show. This is the special and original event that adults show their secret talent without practice time and they are judged by campers.

This year, SHIGE & KEISUKE hosted the show. Thank you.  Middle School campers were the judges and they did great job.  Thank to the CIT who supported everyone.

The quality of the show was higher than ever. Please check out the photo album. 

Followings are the entries that we had for 2016 MSTERIO TALENT SHOW. 

1)4 years old Pianist

2)Little Star

3)Violin Blues

4)AKB 87 MSTERIO 2047

5)Sister and brother, Ocarina and a song

6)Sarusho Band


8)Ain't No Mountain High Enough

9)Komiki Show

 10)Jennifer & Amand return

11)Pappet show

12)Pokemon Waiwai Gayagaya

The winner was…No.12 Counselors!!!   Counselors team is the most popular team every year.

I am grateful to end the day. 

And the last greeting of the day is…

Good morning everyone!