Hi I am Daniel (番外編)

Hi I am Daniel this is my second year at MSTERIO. So far this year has been very fun I have made many friends in this camp! MSTERIO gives me a feel of freedom its not like those other camps where you have to go to one activity and can't choose anything else. This camp allows you to choose a number of activities that are very fun my favorite activities are field and art. I also have seen things I have never seen before like a drone I got to see what a drone looks like and how it works and How its controlled. Even though I can only speak English I can still communicate with many of the campers and counselors, almost all counselors can speak English which is good, and the campers also know a little English to so I can understand what they are saying. Also one of the most exciting things are concerts! We have many different types of concerts for example last night we had a drum concert! It was very exciting and thrilling I did not expect the special guest to play so fast on the drums I thought he was just and average drummer but I was wrong, the special guest played so fast that I couldn't almost see his hands!  Another example of a concert is the calm Jazz concerts which is also fun to watch but some times It's to calming that I fall asleep. Over all so far this past week has been much fun for me and I encourage many other kids and teenagers to join MSTERIO too!