July 29th (Wed) The Fifth Day - 五日目のミステリオ

今朝は見事な快晴! そして今日はMSTERIO EARTH DAY, ミステリオで地球や世界のことを考える日。 Earth DayにちなんでThomasから習った今日の英語はGO GREEN。一人一人が自分でできること



そして、、、、もう1つは、なんと!!!!! 今日はアースデーにちなんでSL(機関車トーマスのミニ版)を校庭に走らせにきてくださったろーちゃんと、キャンパーから大人まで電車に乗ることができました! お湯をわかしスチームの力で動く電車乗り、大人もキャーキャー!!!! あとで写真を楽しみにしていてくださいね。


午後のクラスはいつもと同じ。夕食の後はミニコンサート。カウンセラーの一人SHINGOがミステリオのためにと、特別にピアノ演奏をしてくれることになったのです!普段、カウンセラーの顔だけしか知らないキャンパーのその驚きの顔、彼がピアノを弾くと知っていても、今回の演奏のパワルフさに感動のあまり大泣きするキャンパーたちもいたほどでした。今日は中日ということもあり、その後はSUGOI HALLでムービーナイト”ベイマックス”。



My first amazing day at MSTERIO! This is Josh from New York (and Tokyo...a little), and I'm so thrilled to join the MSTERIO team. From the first moment I arrived, I could tell this place and everyone in it are something special. I may have never seen so many smiles on so many faces before, and there are so many reasons here to smile! Was it the delicious hamburgers and hotdogs from the American-style BBQ prepared specially for the campers by Chef Josh (not me, the other one!) and Sous-Chef Anthony? Was it the miniature real-working coal-powered train that the campers got to ride around the field? Or the buckets full of games and sports equipment that the campers brought out for a pick-up soccer game? Or a dip in the pool on a hot day? Movie night after a curry dinner? Surely it was also the breath-taking special piano performance by our friend and counselor Shingo. We were treated to so many special moments in just one short day, and best of all, we got to share it with so many great campers and friends!

Today MSTERIO celebrates Earth Day, and I can't think of a more picturesque countryside to remind us of how beautiful the world around us can be. Tucked away between the forests and mountaintops of Minakami, MSTERIO has rally gone green!

And I, for one, had a very hard time picking between so many exciting afternoon activities! I was lucky enough to watch and help some of our campers mix, bake, and taste their way through their own original muffins (and hopefully not lick the spoon!) with our resident pastry chef. But hearing the resounding drum-beats of desk-taiko from the music room, seeing the snow globes and calligraphy made in the art room, and imagining the campers' voices as they dubbed-over Disney classics in the drama room reminded me of just how much is going on here at once! We all can't wait for even more tomorrow!