いよいよミステリオも2日目に突入しました! と、その前に…毎日キャンパーたちと一緒にmake a differenceしているミステリオのStaffを数名ご紹介いたします。みんなにはMSTERIO 2012に対する抱負や目標もおしえてもらいました。


寺尾のぞみ NOZOMI TERAO (Director &Camp Mom)


"It's MSTERIO's 12th year. With so many new campers joining us this year, my goal is to come up with 12 discoveries by the end of the camp."

 ANTHONY (Art Director)
"My goal this year is to have all the kids realize they are the future of the planet. "
寺尾慈子 YOSHIKO TERAO (Camp Grandma)
"I want everyone to be comfortable and safe. Everyday I'm thankful!"
Today Yoshiko is styling a can tab earring and pendant which her brother made.  "Wearing statement earrings like this on both ears would be too much. So I purposely only wear one." Very useful tip from the fashionista!
寺尾聖一朗 SEIICHIRO TERAO (Tennis Director)
When we asked Seiichiro, aka "Prince of Tennis", to tell us what his goal was for MSTERIO 2012, he just answered "BANG!". We're going to interpret this as "I hope we all have a blast!"
MINAMI (Counselor of "Sleepys")
Minami is a junior in the Economics Department at Seikei University. She just finished studying abroad in Montana, the U.S. for a year. Her hobbies include listening to music and singing. Her motto is "Always keep a smile on your face". She was one of the original campers at the very first MSTERIO summer camp. This is her third year as a counselor.
YUKA  (Counselor of "Active Mountain Girls")
Yukaはキャンパーとして中学からミステリオに参加しています。今は東洋英和女学院大学 保育子ども学科の2年生。保育士 幼稚園教諭の免許を取るために毎日勉強中!
Yuka has participated in MSTERIO since middle school as a camper. Currently, she is a junior at Toyo Eiwa University, studying to obtain a license to become a nursery and kindergarten teacher!

TOMOSUKE (Counselor of "Dokkoi Tomosuke")
Tomosuke is a junior at Senshu University studying Economics. This is his 2nd time at MSTERIO. He was born in Osaka, but he has spent 99% of his life elsewhere in the Kanto region of Japan, and so can only fake the Osaka dialect. Currently, he is a member of the club at his school dedicated to broadcasting, which has led him to take part in a lot of funny debauchery.
KANAKO (Counselor of " Pop Rocks")
Kanako is a senior at Akita International University. She was born in Osaka and raised in Tokyo.  She goes to college in Akita, and had studied abroad at the University of Hawaii last year. She was one of the original campers at MSTERIO's very first camp, and this will be her second time coming to MSTERIO as a counselor.
TAKUYA (Counselor of "Turkey Hawks")
Takuya was born in Chiba Prefecture and grew up in Tokyo. He has participated in MSTERIO as a camper since he was in elementary school and has returned almost every year. He loves taking care of people, kids and adults alike. This is his second time participating as a counselor. Since elementary school, he has done radio broadcasting as an extracurricular, and has had a taste for reading aloud and making videos. He studied abroad in New Zealand during high school, wanting to experience new and different things. Currently, he works at the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo, specializing in acoustics, lighting, and video. His motto is be kind to others, and be kind to yourself.