Part 5 MSTERIO Staff 第5弾

今日は、期間中キャンパーたちの健康状態を細かく見守るメデイカルスタッフたちをご紹介します! まず最初はミステリオですっかりおなじみになったナースのくまちゃんから! Today we would like to introduce our "medical" staff during MSTERIO.  Here comes KUMA-chan, nurse first!!

unnamed-14斉木 篤信 (くまちゃん)/Atsunobu Saiki (Kumachan)


ニックネームはくまちゃん。 見た目も熊みたい。



2011年宮城県気仙沼で被災地医療支援活動従事。現在、小児科勤務と看護学校講師を兼任しています。高校時代より肉体労働を幅広く経験し、一方で家庭教師等も多く経験。特技はマッサージ。趣味は何かを考えていることや絵を描くこと、体を動かすスポーツが大好きですが、足を怪我してからはやや自粛してます。ミステリオは今年で 4回目の参加。学校の先生もやっているので、健康相談から悩み相談など幅広くいつでも相談にのりますよ。

Atsunobu who is better known as Kuma-chan, which means Teddy Bear, looks like huge bear. After graduating from an agricultural college, he worked for a while and enrolled at a nursing school. In 2008, he traveled all over Japan by walking. He started  to work as a disaster support medic at Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture in 2011. Currently, he works as a nurse at the department of Pediatric and a nursing school lecturer in Tokyo. When he was in highschool, he experienced to work as a physical laborer and a tutor. He is skilled physical therapist. He likes to think, draw and enjoy sports. It is his 4th time at MSTERIO.

unnamed-14石井 佳奈/Kana Ishii

医師/Medical Doctor


東京生まれ、カリフォルニア育ち、ボストン在住。形成外科医。小児科医が“魔法使い”であると信じ、 “魔法使い”を3歳の時に志す。現在、マサチューセッツ総合病院/ハーバード大学医学部にてリサーチフェローとして口唇口蓋裂などの頭蓋顔面部先天奇形に関わる遺伝子の研究中。中学時より、子どもを笑顔にするためのボランティア活動に関わり続けており、世界中の子どもたちにhappy faceを届けたい。シアタアートと医療の融合が最大の夢。人 (特に子ども、若者!)、ニューヨーク、ミュージカル、ディズニー、ストーリー、ファッション、おいしいもの、考えること、チャレンジすることが大好き。嫌いなことを克服することや集中することが特技。ミステリオは2回目の参加。

Kana Ishii M.D., is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who was born in Tokyo and grew up in California. When she was 3 years old, she met a pediatrician who she thought is a wizard. Currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate and working as a research fellow at Craniofacial Developmental Biology Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. She is passionate about volunteering for kids and have been doing it since she was in junior high school. Her biggest dream is to bring the power and energy of the live theater to the medical field to encourage children and to make them happy. This is her 2nd year at MSTERIO.

unnamed-12カジンスキー リチャード/Richard Kaszynski

医師/Medical Doctor

3歳で父親を癌で亡くし、カリフォルニア州にて女手一つの母に育てられる。リチャードを含む3兄弟は、幼い頃から苦労が絶えなかったが、母の背中から惜しまぬ努力の大切さ学び、亡き父親の友人たちに支えられながら、より良い社会のために尽力することを誓う。マサチューセッツ総合病院/ハーバード大学医学部での厳しい2年間のフェローシップを修了し、2015年5月より、東京大学大学院医学系研究科 法医学・医事法学に入る。今後はアメリカ、日本、アフリカをはじめとしたニーズのある地域での医療支援をしたいと思っている。MSTERIOは初参加。

After losing his father to cancer at the age of 3, Richard and his three brothers were raised by his mother in the sunny state of California. Although there were plenty of hardships to overcome in his youth, he took to heart the hard work ethic embodied his mother, along with the selfless support of his father's friends, and vowed to one day do his part to make society a better place. After completing a rigorous two year fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, he took on a position at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine (Tokyo University) from May 2015. Moving forward, he hopes to provide medical support to families in the US, Japan, Africa and other parts of the world who cannot provide for themselves.  First time participating in MSTERIO.

unnamed-8横田 敦子Atsuko Yokota



Atsuko was born in Tokyo. After graduation from Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing, she had been working at Japanese Red Cross Medical Center Division of Hematology, Tokyo Jikei University School of Medicine Hospital Division of Pediatric and is currently working at Division of Pelvic Oncology. She is the youngest among siblings and was raised being loved by people around her. Happy face is her trade mark. She has been practicing swimming, dance, rhythmic sportive gymnastics and piano when she was little. In high school, she played volleyball. She loves sports. She also loves to cook and wants to make everything from a scratch. She wanted to involved in children in developing countries for long time and has been searching and thinking what she can do for them. She first heard about MSTERIO from the campfire director Isamu when she was in college and has been longing to join MSTERIO since then. Now she has been working as a nurse for several years and is excited about joining for the first time finally. She wants to enjoy with full of happy faces, share lots of experiences and express with global and active MSTERIO family.