TWO Happiest Couples of MSTERIO!!! 2組の最高に幸せなミステリオカップル誕生






この写真は、去年の暮れミステリオのサンターズたちが養護施設を訪問したときにも撮影してくださった、YU-san です。彼の作品は、いつも心やさしい表情ばかり。

TWO Happiest Couples of MSTERIO!!!

The two happy couples were brought together by MSTERIO: MIKI ♥ RYOTA and REIKA ♥ JUN. No words are needed to describe how happy they are as the photo tells you everything about it!

The master of the wedding ceremony was Kei-san, and the wedding has the theme of “DESTINY.”

The message board that REIKA & JUN are holding in the photo was made by SATOMI.

The MSTERIO members who attended the wedding could not stop crying to witness this happy couple.

Stay happy forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This photo was taken by YU- san. He kindly took photographs when MSTERIO’s Santas visited a Youth Center in Tokyo at the end of last year. He always shoots the warm and kind expressions on people’s faces.